Spotlight / Pat O'May

'I am interested in mixing people, odours, music, and cultures together... things which at first don't seem to have links between each other...'

We met up with Celtic rock guitarist and singer-songwriter Pat O'May to hear how he melds together exotic flavours from around the world to create his own utterly idiosyncratic Rock music.

'Ce qui m'intéresse c'est de faire côtoyer des choses, des gens, des odeurs, des musiques, tout un tas de trucs comme ca qui sont pas sensées cohabiter à la base...'

Nous avons rencontré le légendaire guitariste de rock celtique Pat O'May pour comprendre comment il mélange les saveurs exotiques du monde entier pour créer son style rock vraiment bien a lui.

Interviewed by Pascal Sallou.

Filmed and and edited by Sylvie Cordenner.

Produced by Kilian Carroll.

Filmed at Woodlands Recording Studio, Nantes.